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This year Kayleen Imagery presents:

"REDISCOVER- A Journey of Self-Love".

Kayleen Imagery is creating a safe place for women where they can network and share personal stories through images, video, art, self love workshops and events that  help or encourage other women during more trying times. We want to create a space for healing for all women regardless of how big or small the difficulty. 

We are looking for a group of women each year to share their stories, testimonies, and journey on the importance of self-love. This campaign will highlight the lows and highs of each woman's personal experience in hopes to encourage other women to get back to loving themselves.

We are currently still looking for women to join the journey and experience!

Please fill out the form for more details on process and campaign investment fee. 

We will end the campaign with a live reveal of each woman's Portrait Art along with their story!

Looking forward to hearing your journey of Self-Love!

Thanks for submitting!

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